Nov 15, 2011

Why is Spine in CoffeeScript?

Witness this exchange in the GitHub issues for the Spine MVC framework, which creator Alex MacCaw migrated to CoffeeScript in August.

Why the move to CoffeeScript?

I was wondering why the move to CoffeeScript? Spine was a nice, zero-dependency alternative to Backbone with easy to understand Javascript… now I have to wade through CoffeeScript to see what’s going on under the hood as the compiled version is full of CoffeeScript magic. A real shame.

MacCaw’s reponse:

For the simple reason I believe CoffeeScript is better than JavaScript - I’ve even written a book on the subject: I’m never going to write another line of JS if I can help it. You should give CoffeeScript a chance.

And with that, MacCaw closed the issue.

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