Jan 24, 2012

"I Never Want to Write Plain JavaScript Again"

These are the words of legendary open-source JavaScript developer Sam Stephenson in a recent talk on CoffeeScript at FOWA 2011. The 45-minute presentation (video is here, slides are here) chronicles the evolution of higher-level approaches to JavaScript, including GWT, Pyjamas, Objective-J, and finally CoffeeScript. If you've been on the fence with CoffeeScript, this could be the one to tip you. If you're just learning CoffeeScript, it is a great, thoughtful, well-paced introduction to the language. Sam structures the rest of the talk around "10 Things I Love About CoffeeScript."

Here are Sam's top ten favorite things about CoffeeScript:

  1. Function Syntax
  2. Significant Whitespace
  3. Bare Objects
  4. Everything's an Expression
  5. Comprehensions
  6. Classes & Inheritance
  7. Bound Functions
  8. Conditionals
  9. Destructuring Assignment
  10. String Syntax


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  2. This is eye opener. I've looked at CS couple of times already over the years, but this convinced me to switch over. Jakub

  3. I love Coffeescript. I love the idea behind Iced Coffeescript even more, especially since it jibes nicely with my expectations from Haskell.