Mar 20, 2012

BackboneConf Schedule Includes Ember.js and Knockout.js

The lineup for the first BackboneConf has been released, and delivering on an implicit promise made in the call for papers, the schedule includes presentations on alternative JavaScript MV* projects: Ember.js will be covered by Yehuda Katz, and Knockout.js by creator Steven Sanderson. It would be amazing if someone could get these two to engage in dialogue contrasting Ember and Knockout, which seem more similar than they are different in their value proposition of data binding with support for computed properties. If you attend BackboneConf, do not miss that particular hallway conversation.

At a reasonable $349, the two-day, single-track conference is a very welcome addition to the growing JavaScript conference scene. The May 30, 2012 keynote will be delivered by Jeremy Ashkenas, creator of both Backbone and CoffeeScript. Sadly, CoffeeScript is nowhere to be seen on the BackboneConf schedule. But if you're wondering, we at CoffeeScript Love can tell you: Writing your Backbone applications in CoffeeScript is a great way to go.

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