Feb 8, 2013

CoffeeScript Debugger in RubyMine

CoffeeScript Love is so happy to see JetBrains including support for CoffeeScript debugging in the latest version of RubyMine, released yesterday. However, the setup instructions are not trivial, and involve source maps, CoffeeScriptRedux, and a JetBrains extension for Chrome. In order to help with the onerous setup, JetBrains has published an example project on GitHub, but it is a full Rails application, and probably not useful for developers who want a simple configuration for pure CoffeeScript projects.

Personally, although I use RubyMine, I won't be tackling this at the moment, as I haven't had any trouble so far debugging CoffeeScript using only the browser. However, as CoffeeScript continues to grow in popularity and the projects using it expand and mature, I can imagine IDE-based debugging may be very helpful while trying to come to grips with large-scale legacy projects.

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